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Nixe Flex


One of the slimmest linear on the market, measuring only 3/8 inch width, NIXE FLEX is a superior field-curvable linear that bears exactly the same light features and performances as its straight counterpart.

Available in 8 different increments from 1’’ to 8‘’, thus offering a range of minimum radius curve respectively from 3° to 24° in order to fit perfectly into its environment such as curved wall, rounded bar counter, wide column, vaulted ceiling, dome…

Carefully worked down to the smallest detail, this masterpiece comes with magnetic mountings as thin as matches so as to subtlety integrate perfectly and seamlessly, without any apparent trim or edge. Field-curvable, it advantageously embraces the curve of the surface against it is placed. Manually adjustable, it offers uninterrupted and unrivalled light distribution in every corners.

This stunning luminaire is a technical prowess for its smallness and exceptional luminance performance.We have specially designed its linear optics to create pixel-free distribution, thus giving constant and evenly luminance on the workplane. Despite its smallness NIXE FLEX still controls its light distribution and offers five different beams, from 20° to 100° as well as asymmetric. Available in 27K, 30K, 35K, 40K, the energy consumption can also be customized from 3 up to 6.5 watts adjustable by 0.5 watts.
// Applications
Cove, Display and Shelf, Vitrine, Surface Grazing, Surface Washing

Context & application





Available from 3W/ft to 6.5W/ft in increments of 0.5W/ft
Dry locations only
Class 2

Remote Power Supply

24V: Eklipse PSB-24-100.

Dimming Power Supply

24V: Eklipse LM-24-100


48” length (1.2 m) - 20 AWG wire lead with WAGO quick connector.*

Thermal Control

Through constant thermal monitoring & current control, Eklipse intelligent board technology (IBT) maintains optimal light levels and operating temperature preventing harmful overheating by self adjusting to its environment.


High thermal conductive extruded aluminium.

Light Engine

24V: increments of 1’’, 2”, 3’’, 4”, 5’’, 6’’ 7’’ and 8”.

Minimum Curve Radius

3”, 6”, 9”, 12”, 15”, 18”, 21” and 24”


Magnetic insert allows a quick and easy installation.
Increments are made to be manually curved on-site.


Anodized clear.*

*Available for tailor-made application. Please contact your Eklipse representative for further informations.

Source & optics

Light Source

Mid power linear LEDs.

Light Temperature

2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K.*


85 (typical).


20° with visible dots.
40° with some degree of dots visible.
70°, 100° diffused and asymmetric in uniform luminance (dot-free).
Five (5) years on parts.
See terms & conditions.
Approved CSA / UL and CE.

Nominal Dimensions

W = 0.032” (1 mm)
X = 0.375” (10 mm)
Y = 0.500” (13 mm)

U = 0.150” (4 mm)
V = Custom length from 1" to 8"
Z = Up to 72” (increments are based on V)


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Installation Drawings
Wiring Diagrams
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Ordering Code

Nixe Flex
3 W / foot
3.5 W / foot
4 W / foot
4.5 W / foot
5 W / foot
5.5 W / foot
6 W / foot
6.5 W / foot
Mild Blend
The length of a linear lighting fixture is always calculated in inches. Please refer to the multiple scale to order the appropriate multiple length for your project.

20° Clear
40° Semi-diffused
70° Diffused
Wide Diffused
Asymmetric Diffused
2700 K
3000 K
3500 K
4000 K
Anodized clear